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  • 200,000 debts how to turn over and pay off debts

    Presumably, after each of us is in debt, the first thing we think of is how to pay off the debt as soon as possible. So, if our business fails, or our debt exceeds 200,000 due to other reasons, what should we do to turn over? Here is a frie...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-25 already existing3people read

  • Wrote a soft article but couldn't find the media release? Wa

    With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people make money by writing articles, and writing soft articles is a very good way. However, after I wrote the article, I suffered from the lack of a platform to publish it. The large plat...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-09 already existing20people read

  • A Sichuan woman was praised by netizens as a "heroine&q

    Recently, a woman in Sichuan rushed to the hot search, netizens praised the heroine. It is understood that the woman rescued 21 villagers recently because she found a one-centimeter-long crack... A Sichuan woman was praised by netizens as a...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-09 already existing15people read

  • Archaeologists unearthed human skull fossils 16,000 years ag

    As we all know, previous studies by scientists have shown that humans appeared on the earth at least 6 million years ago. However, in ancient Chinese history, primitive society began with the people of Yuanmou about 1.7 million years ago. I...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-09 already existing17people read

  • Wonders! Archaeologists found human footprints in Saudi Arab

    Original title: Archaeologists found human footprints in Saudi Arabia more than 120,000 years ago According to Xinhua News Agency, a photograph provided by the Heritage Committee of the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia on September 16 sh...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-09 already existing12people read

  • Does the Naka region belong to Armenia or Azerbaijan?

    During this period of time, the latest battles between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been heard in the Middle East. On one side, Armenia blatantly violated international military agreements and opened fire on the poor of Azerbaijan and launch...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-07 already existing5people read

  • The 12-year-old girl who tripped the old man while walking t

    On August 17, in Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, a 12-year-old girl led a dog that was tied to her friends house to play. After passing through the market, the dog broke free from the girls restraint and tripped on the lea...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-07 already existing4people read

  • Can a sleepwalker wake up? What happens when you wake up?

    Sleepwalking, to put it bluntly, means that people are in a state of sleep, but their limbs can move like normal people, do some things, and even paint and write. Because sleepwalkers are too weird, many times when people next to you find out, the first t...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-09-17 already existing3people read

  • What is the ghost press? How to do?

    Presumably most people have experienced the ghost press, and the fear of ghost press is also scary. So, many people cant help asking, what exactly is the ghost press? What should I do when I encounter a ghost press? First of all, explain on the encycloped...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-28 already existing13people read

  • Uncover the true meaning of "three mosquitoes and one d

    As we all know, there are eighteen monsters in Yunnan, one of which is called three mosquitoes and one dish. In this regard, many netizens believe that this must be due to the unique climate of Yunnan, and the mosquitoes grow very strong, which has become...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-27 already existing6people read

  • Inventory of real cases of online loan fraud in recent years

    With the increase in consumption levels, people have less and less money in their pockets, so online loans have flourished. Subsequently, online loan scams also flourished. Today, I will check the real cases of online loan scams in recent years. 1. Ms. Sh...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-20 already existing4people read

  • In recent years, helping the elderly has been falsely counte

    Everyone should be very clear about the routine of helping the elderly being blackmailed, so I dont need to say more. So, in recent years, what incidents have been blackmailed for helping the elderly? Here, the editor extracts some real cases for referenc...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-20 already existing3people read

  • What does "I don't know how hard people are, don't pers

    Guo Degang once said: If you dont understand any situation, I advise you to be generous, and you should stay away from him. Because when lightning strikes him, it will hurt you. Guo Degangs words are sharp, hit the nail on the head, and express his contem...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-18 already existing2people read

  • What does the old saying in rural areas mean, "If you s

    There are many old sayings in the countryside, even if they are now, they are very reasonable. There is a saying: Seeing a snake is not a sin of three points, and if you dont die, it is seven points. It means that if you see a snake but dont kill it, you ...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-17 already existing3people read

  • What does moral kidnapping mean

    With the continuous emergence of the Porcelain industry, whether to help the elderly becomes the focus of peoples discussion, a new term was born, which is moral kidnapping. So, what is moral kidnapping? The encyclopedic definition is: moral kidnapping re...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-17 already existing4people read

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