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  • Do I have to be a monk to practice?

    In practice, what you cultivate is virtue. In fact, it is not accurate to use practice to explain Buddha practice. At the same time, being a monk is not a proper term for being a monk and nun. Many denominations use the term monk, for example, Taoism. Thi...>>View full text

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  • People are suffering because they care about "being&quo

    When we think about it, we will find that the world cares about being rather than nothing, so the world feels very troubled and painful. The Buddha cared about nothing instead of being, so the Buddha felt very happy. When I was young, I cared very much ab...>>View full text

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  • Who are the "Three Western Saints" of Buddhism?

    Buddhism has the three sages of the West, which many people may not understand. It is mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures that the three sages of the West are Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara, and Da Shizhi Bodhisattva. 1. Amitabha Amitabha, we who practice Bud...>>View full text

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  • The desire is endless, the pain is endless

    All suffering in life originates from infinite desire. If you want to eliminate all suffering, you must eliminate desire. People have seven emotions and six desires, and the six desires are: eyes (to see desires, greedy for beautiful things), ears (hearin...>>View full text

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  • Buddhist stories: the story and life principles of two carav

    According to legend, when the Blessed One Shakyamuni taught the Fa to the world, at a Fa conference, those who came to listen to him had received the full precepts (that is, the precepts held by monks and monks, because these precepts are compared with th...>>View full text

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  • Buddhist stories and sentiments of poor women offering lamps

    In the time of the Buddha, the kings, ministers, and benefactors of the Savatiyat in ancient India often held lantern festivals to provide for the Buddha and the monks. A poor beggar named Niangamu wandered around, she was very happy when she saw the cere...>>View full text

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  • Classic Buddhist Stories-Zen on the Waterwheel and Story Phi

    Zen Master Wuxiang felt thirsty while walking. Lu met a young man riding a waterwheel in a pond, so he stepped forward and asked the young man for a glass of water. The young man gave the Zen master a glass of water and said in an enviable tone: Master, i...>>View full text

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  • What happened to the death of the monk? Why did you die whil

    For a long time, the passing away of the eminent monk is like a mystery, and many people dont know what the mystery is. It gives people the feeling that death is a very free and easy thing for the eminent monks. If you want to die, you will die, and you w...>>View full text

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  • The prosperity and decline of religion reflect this level of

    The prosperity and decline of religion reflect this level of a country Religion is a cultural phenomenon that appears in the development of human society to a certain historical stage, and belongs to a special social ideology. In ancient times, human bein...>>View full text

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  • Buddhist karma story, there must be a cause

    Long ago, there was a rice vendor in Yangzhou, Jialin. Galin was originally a poor man and made his own. When he first started selling rice honestly, he found that doing business honestly didnt make much money, so he played a trick. He made hands and feet...>>View full text

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  • Practicing to accumulate virtue, more evil than less good

    In the first year of Emperor Kaihuang (AD 581, Kaihuang, the reign of Emperor Yang Jian of the Sui Dynasty), there was a Bhikkhu in Yangzhou (a man who received full ordination and a woman named Bhikuni). He chanted Nirvana and felt that Very proud and of...>>View full text

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  • What do beings mean?

    Even if we dont study Buddhism, we have heard the words all sentient beings, all sentient beings, all beings are equal, all beings are equal and so on. So, what do all beings mean? In ancient my country, there was a prosperous age of contending schools of...>>View full text

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  • What does Ten Dharma Realms mean?

    Ten Dharma Realms is a Buddhist term that we have heard of. Based on the literal meaning, we can probably understand that this means dividing something into ten realms. So, what is the specific meaning? Note that in Buddhist thought, sentient beings are d...>>View full text

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  • The philosophical story and perception of blind people light

    Once upon a time, there was a person who had been blind since he was a child. When he traveled, he always played a lantern. At first, people thought it was very strange, they thought that the blindness of the blind man was false. Some people took the init...>>View full text

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  • This is the right way for modern people to do good and accum

    There is a young girl in Hangzhou. She is an office worker and lives in a small community. She noticed that outside the community, an old man could often be seen pushing a trolley to sell fruit. His face was haggard and his handwriting was full of vicissi...>>View full text

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