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  • How can young people quickly start a business successfully?

    My cousin from my hometown came to me and wanted to find some projects. My cousin is slightly older than me. He used to do physical engineering, but the entity has become more difficult to do in the past two years. Seeing that he cant make...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-12-23 already existing3people read

  • My thoughts on Internet entrepreneurship

    My understanding of money is that it can only produce value when it flows. You cant make money with interest on deposits, you have to make money with money. Many people are less than 30 years old before they start saving money to consider r...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing1people read

  • I still feel anxious after working for 8 years, how to break

    The first time I saw Xiaofan (pseudonym), I clearly felt two words, anxiety. With a frowning brow, the big black-framed glasses framed on the thin face, she handed me a business card with the title Head of Logistics Department of XX Company...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing4people read

  • Work perception: You do not hate work, but you hate yourself

    Two days ago, my colleagues complained to me for dinner. In this exam, the average score of their class was the lowest in the whole year, and the number of failures was the most. This led to a series of remarks denouncing Chinese education....>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing6people read

  • I have worked for 3 years and share some of my work insights

    As a product manager of an Internet company, and a person who has worked for 3 years, both in hard skills and soft power, have some experience, the following is my insights that I want to share with you, and I will publish related articles...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing5people read

  • 3 sample essays on personal work perception

    Personal work testimonials (1) Introductory knowledge of commercial bank counter business and civilized service etiquette and standard terms of civilized service, experience the importance of commercial bank service functions, introduce the...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing3people read

  • Teacher's work testimony, teacher's work perception

    Teachers work testimonials (1) The teachers job is hard. Think about it, how can a teachers work a day be measured in eight hours? From lesson preparation to class to homework correction, from daily affairs to class and team activities, fro...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-26 already existing5people read

  • Inspirational quotes that tell people to work hard

    1. Do it yourself, move your feet, observe with your own eyes, this is the highest principle of our experimental work. --Pavlov 2. Proficiency in diligence, waste in play (the diligence of study lies in diligence, and waste in pleasure) 3....>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-25 already existing7people read

  • Online gambling is very harmful, ten gambling and nine loser

    I am a chef, and I am not afraid of everyones jokes. The current scenes of wives-and-dispersion are all caused by exposure to online gambling. Speaking of which, my family is not wealthy. I would never think of buying lottery tickets or get...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-11-25 already existing14people read

  • The sad idiom story and philosophy of rabbit and fox

    A long time ago, a little white rabbit and a little fox lived on a mountain, and a hunter lived under the mountain. This hunter would go up the mountain every day to hunt. In the beginning, because the little white rabbit and little fox fend off the enemy...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-20 already existing6people read

  • The story and meaning of the dog's sour wine

    Once upon a time, there was a Song countryman who made great wines for generations. However, no one opened a store to sell wine. Every time the sweet and delicious wine came out, it was bought at low prices by nearby restaurants and sold at high prices. T...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-20 already existing8people read

  • The story of buying a parrot and the truth in the workplace

    In the past, there was a young man who liked parrots very much. He often bought some beautiful parrots home. The house was full of parrot cages, but he still kept buying them. The wife persuaded Young Master Yang to say: You bought so many parrots, not to...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-19 already existing3people read

  • Workplace Story and Enlightenment of Seven People Sharing Co

    In the mid-nineteenth century, a gold rush swept the western United States, and people from all over the world flocked to the western United States. However, in the western United States, the economy is scarce and the standard of living is backward, which...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-18 already existing3people read

  • When we encounter problems, we might as well look up at the

    Xiao Huang is an accounting student who just graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University this year. As an only child, she has been going smoothly from childhood to most of her life. Her relatives at home hurt her, and her teachers at school liked her very...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-15 already existing5people read

  • Workplace Story: Selling Axe to Bush

    On May 20, 2001, an American salesman named George Herbert successfully sold an axe to President Bush Jr. The Brookings Institution learned of the news and gave him a golden boot engraved with The Greatest Salesman. This is since a student of the Society ...>>View full text

    Ximen Feixue  Written in 2020-08-14 already existing0people read

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